UNESCO “highly likely” to allow Liverpool continued World Heritage Status

Earlier this month it was reported that UNESCO would recommend the Liverpool waterfront be stripped of its World Heritage Status at a meeting in China this summer, as per the Guardian.

But it now seems there has been a reversal in that line of thinking after Mayor Joanne Anderson insisted regeneration plans for the northern docks can’t be scrapped.

Speaking ahead of the World Heritage Committee’s next meeting, Liverpool City Council CEO Tony Reeves revealed it’s “highly likely” there will be an amendment to the official recommendation the waterfront be stripped of its title.

The city has been on the ‘danger list’ of losing its status since 2012, but local leaders have tried to strike a balance between what the international committee wants and allowing development opportunities to go ahead.

As initially reported by the Liverpool Echo, Mr Reeves said: “This morning, myself and Mayor Anderson had a really positive call with the Government who will be presenting the case for Liverpool to the commission to UNESCO next month.

We talked through the strategy for that, and it’s highly likely there will be an amendment tabled to give us a further year to work with the commission to hopefully get the commissioners to come to Liverpool to see for themselves what we’re talking about, rather than bureaucrats who refuse to come here and give the view from Paris based on their very narrow perspective.

But be absolutely clear from me and Mayor Anderson, all of our regeneration in the city centre going forwards will have heritage at its heart and be sympathetic to everything that’s great about this beautiful city and its history, irrespective of whether we have World Heritage Status or not.

We really want to hang onto the title and brand of our World Heritage Status. If there is any justice, in my view, we will retain it.”

The World Heritage Committee will meet in China at the end of next month to discuss, among other things, Liverpool, with some members participating digitally.

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