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Jurgen Klopp dreams of a team “with a Scouse soul”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has told journalists that he wants a team of players “with a Scouse soul”.

During a press conference ahead of the Reds’ trip to Brighton, the boss explained how he wants Anfield to be the destination for rising talents.

Asked about Curtis Jones’ appearance against Aston Villa last week, Klopp said: “I don’t know if it will always be possible, to be honest.

I think it’s easier for the London clubs, because I’m not sure if you have to come from Chelsea directly to be a ‘local lad’ or whatever, or if it’s allowed that you are from another part of London.

But we try – what we want to be is the spot for everybody with a Scouse soul, where [they] want to play.

It’s not a competition with Everton or whatever, that we can do one or the other, but we want to be [the destination].

If you love football, if you are talented, if you are ready to work hard, then we want you to be here – but for that, we need to show the boys that there is a way through.

Maybe not for the kids, the very young ones it’s enough that we have a nice shirt and that we are Liverpool, but then when they get older, we have to show perspective.

It’s really nice that the boys are now so close to it, that Trent made it, that the three others are really close to getting through.

That’s an important sign for all the other kids around, that this is a club where you can have pretty much everything.

You can play together with world-class players, you can train together with them and if you can make sure that you improve as much as you can, then the club is ready to give you a chance.

Some of Liverpool’s most notable players over the years have come from the local area, including Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is now the Scouser in our senior team, and with the rise of 19-year-old Jones he may not be the only one soon.

Just as Stevie and Carra inspired the new breed of ‘local lads’ in the squad, hopefully Trent and Curtis can do the same in years to come.

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