COVID-19: Liverpool pilot events have no impact on spread

Liverpool Public Health officials have found the city’s pilot events earlier this year, in which wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing was not required, had no impact on the spread of COVID-19 in the region.

As we reported on May 6, the gig in Sefton Park (one of four events in total) was a success and at least 2,500 shows will take place across the UK this summer.

The coming events over the next few months relied on the pilot gatherings in Liverpool going off without a hitch, and that seems to be exactly what’s happened.

Everyone in attendance at Sefton Park and the other venues were required to provide a negative result in a lateral flow test beforehand, which prevented five people from attending.

Ticketholders were then encouraged to take a PCR test on the day of the event and another five days later – this process identified four people who potentially had COVID-19 at the gig, and a further seven on the second round of testing.

As reported by the Liverpool Express, of those who tested positive – two attended the music festival, nine were at the nightclub and none attended the business festival. Many of the cases were friends who meet outside events and may not have been infected at a pilot gathering.

Throughout Merseyside and Cheshire, every COVID-19 test was examined before and after the events, and the results showed no evidence of a significant spread in the regions.

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