Liverpool FC

A closer look at LFC’s new Nike kit – with video and photos

Liverpool and Nike have officially launched the Reds’ new home kit for the 2020/21 season – and it’s a belter.

Most fans online had likely already seen the countless leaked images of the shirt, and they were pretty much spot on.

It’s red – believe it or not – and has a stylish white and turquoise trim on the collar and arms, referencing the club’s crest.

The kit is a brighter shade of red than what New Balance used in recent years, closer to that of the Portugal NT.

It’s not as easy to see on the above photos, but there is some detailing on the shirt up by the neck and down the arms and sides.

In leaked images, it looked as if these swooshes could be a reference to the Liver Bird – but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Thin white stripes are down the undersides of the shirt, and of course ’96’ and the eternal flames appear on the back of the collar.

Shortly after the kit was dropped, Liverpool released a video on Twitter of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain showing it off.

In the clip, the midfielder chats with Virgil van Dijk, James Milner and co. about the new shirt.

Obviously, they all loved it – with the Reds’ No.4 especially excited to be repping Nike at club level next season.

The video is great fun, and offers fans a closer look at the new shirt and even a peak at the goalkeepers’ home kit.

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