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Klopp reacts to Anfield groundshare deal: “I hope Everton pay rent!”

Liverpool have agreed a sensational last-minute deal with Merseyside rivals Everton for the Blues to play four of their ‘home‘ fixtures at Anfield next season.

The move comes after Everton faced struggles meeting Premier League deadlines to ensure the new stadium at the Bramley-Moore Dock is fit to host games, as initially reported by PA Media.

It’s a somewhat surprising deal, but will be hugely beneficial for Everton, who would have been forced to host games at non-league side Marine’s 400-seater Rossett Park.

Liverpool bizarrely haven’t asked for any financial reimbursement but instead have made unusual requests of both Brazilian international Richarlison and manager Carlo Ancelotti.

Jurgen Klopp held a press conference with Liverpool FC CEO Billy Hogan earlier today, in which joked with joked with reporters that he hopes Everton pay their rent on time.

First of all, we would like to welcome our neighbours back to Anfield – the original home of Everton Football Club, if you could believe it,” he said. “Obviously, they want to play at their new stadium by the water, but we are more than happy to share our stadium with our old landlords – I just hope Everton pay rent!

We’re happy to share Anfield with Everton in this moment, but clearly we want the Blues to have their own stadium sorted as soon as possible, so Anfield can be 100% ours, and it looks like this will only be a temporary measure.

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Club CEO Hogan joined the Liverpool boss for the press conference – via Zoom – and sounded quite pleased with the deal.

Hey guys, it’s so good to be speaking with you all,” he said, donning a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. “Sorry for the small screen size, I’m speaking to you through my Apple iWatch. We’ve just signed off on a great deal, some say the best deal for both clubs, involving us and the mighty Toffs.

I spoke to Robert Elstone just a couple weeks back and he told me the new arena along the Liverpool coast may not be completed in time before Goodison Field is scheduled for destruction, so we had a chat about how we could help each-other.

In return for allowing Everton the use of Anfield, we’ve got an agreement with Richarlison that he’ll play the next Merseyside Derby wearing a giant pigeon costume, whereas Carlo Ancelotti has agreed to dress up as the iconic Liver Bird on the touchline. It’s all a bit of fun!

Further announcements from both clubs are expected in the coming hours – click here for all relevant information.

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